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People's Action Candidate Pledges

People’s Action asks candidates to take a pledge to refuse big donations from corporations that oppose progress on the issues that are important to our members.
About the Pledge

We believe in an economy and a society where people of every race, background, and ZIP code are cared for.

But corporations and the rich people who run them divide us against each other for their own profit, hoarding wealth and power that should be in the hands of everyday people.

To fight back, the People’s Action Movement Politics program works to elect champions at every level of government who will govern for and with the people in our communities, not wealthy campaign contributors, greedy lobbyists, and corporate PACs.

For the 2022 election cycle, four People’s Action campaigns have issued candidate pledges: Homes Guarantee, Health Care For All, People & Planet First and Justice Is Global.

Follow the steps below to sign, or ask your representatives to sign, and become movement candidates today!

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Sign The People's Pledge

Logo for People and Planet First

Pledge to Put People and Planet First

Sign the Green New Deal Pledge to advance the most progressive climate policy available, and proactively and publicly push for its swift passage.
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Logo for Health Care for All

Pledge to put Patients Over Profits

Sign on to refuse any contributions over $200 from the executives, lobbyists, or PACs affiliated with the hospital, insurance, and pharma corporations.
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Logo for Homes Guarantee

Pledge to Co-Govern With Tenants

Sign the Homes Guarantee Candidate Pledge to help win a world where everyone is guaranteed a safe, accessible, sustainable, truly and permanently affordable home.
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Justice is Global logo

Pledge to Win International Cooperation

Sign the Justice Is Global Pledge to help win a world where we work across borders for equitable growth, international cooperation, and sustainability,.
Sign the Pledge
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