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People’s Action’s Movement Politics program creates people power to break the grip of the far right and ultra-wealthy on our public life.

We are building multiracial democracy from the ground up.

Our Strategy
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Millions of people across the country know what it’s like not to know how they will pay rent, or lose someone too soon because they don’t have access to health care. Many more feel disconnected from their communities, and have not been given a good reason to believe they can play a meaningful role in our democracy. 

This is who People’s Action commits to build lasting power with, and for, through our Movement Poltics program.: We can turn disconnection into strength.

At People’s Action, we are building multiracial democracy from the ground up, with a government that works for all of us.

Our Movement Politics program educates, activates and involves voters in the day-to-day work of governance, to reveal the transformative power their votes can have to reshape governments and breathe life into communities. 

 Through deep canvassing, we shift shift voters’ perspectives towards progressive, holistic solutions for our economy, environment, the role of government, and healthcare, and dispel negative myths which are used to divide us.

We actively recruit, train and encourage community members who share our values to run for office and win, then support them to pass progressive policies that strengthen the power of the multiracial working class.

Fulfilling the promise of democracy and government for all of us, with elected leaders who fight for the communities they represent? That’s the vision of Movement Politics.

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Elements of Our Strategy

Candidate Pipeline & Trainings

Since its start in 2015, our Movement Politics program has trained and helped elect 380 candidates in state, local, and federal government.