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Since the passage into law of the American Rescue Plan, Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, CHIPS Act and Inflation Reduction Act, there is $4 trillion on tap for communities to fix urgent infrastructure problems. Yet these federal funds will only make a difference in people’s lives if they are administered through local initiatives created by trusted and knowledgeable local organizers.

That’s exactly who People’s Action Institute and our members are: trusted and local. Our organizing builds the trust that lays the foundation for moments such as this. 

Through our Leveraging Federal Funds work, we are helping local communities and statewide groups cut through red tape so they can identify and make the most of these federal opportunities. We want to elevate how each opportunity can lead to the next, so that together, we advance towards our long-term goal of a democracy that works for all of us, with sustainable jobs in a clean economy.

Leveraging Federal Funds

The focus of our campaign

Advancing Public Infrastructure

People's Action member groups are advocating for investments in clean water and energy, safer roads, and home improvements to pave the way for our transition towards a green and sustainable economy.


In states like Pennsylvania, Washington, Arkansas and Indiana, People's Action members are challenging elected officials to make the most of federal funding opportunities.

In My Community

In Milwaukee, Chicago, Pittsburgh and St. Paul, People's Action members are leveraging federal resources to improve public infrastructure, as well as at the county level nationwide.


Communities need effective partnerships with elected officials to ensure federal funds reach those who need them most.
About the Campaign

What can you do to help?

It is imperative that community leaders help decide how federal funds will be spent to improve their lives, and we will make sure that happens.

State and local decision makers will be responsible for administering approximately $4 trillion in federal investments, and federal decision makers will be determine how to implement new programs and spending on existing programs. 

By developing and working with community leaders at the local level, we will lay the groundwork to not only make the most of these opportunities, but to build a base of engaged communities and restore our faith that democracy can make a different in our daily lives.

Join our next Strategic Campaigns Session to learn more about our Leveraging Federal Funds campaign, and contact our team to learn how you can access federal funds to transform your community.

Updates from the campaign

The latest updates, press, actions, and events on our People & Planet First campaign.

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