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Health care is a human right. We all deserve lifesaving care and medicines, when we need them. Yet private insurers deny medically necessary care over 248 million times every year, and pharmaceutical companies inflate the prices of medicines to boost profits. 

Thanks to those who fought tirelessly over the decades for expanded healthcare, nearly 92% of Americans now have health insurance. But when we need to use our insurance to access care, it often fails.

People’s Action Institute’s Care Over Cost campaign helps individuals fight for care when insurers deny treatment, and holds companies to account for denying claims. This advances our goal of affordable, universal health care for all.

Health Care for All

The focus of our campaign

Improved Medicare for All

Pass comprehensive, universal health care.

Universal Lifesaving Medicines

Ensure anyone who needs medicine can get it, regardless of their ability to pay, including COVID vaccines for the world to end the pandemic everywhere.

Lower Drug Prices

End patent monopolies, empower Medicare to negotiate drug prices, and increase the availability of generic or internationally manufactured medicines.

Corporate Accountability

Reveal the failures of private insurance to deliver the care people need to survive and thrive.
About the Campaign

What can you do to help?

When an insurance company refuses to pay for medically necessary care, people suffer. They acquire medical debt harming their credit and ability to pay for other necessities, even leading to bankruptcy. Worse, people do not get medically necessary care and suffer from poor health, stay sick or injured for longer, and even die. 

Visit our Care Over Cost website to learn about our victories, and what you can do right now to help people get the health care they need, when they need it.

Updates from the campaign

The latest updates, press, actions, and events on our Health Care for All campaign.

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Care Over Cost Rallies Hundreds Nationwide at Private Health Insurers, Demanding Corporations Reverse Claim Denials & Provide Care

Care Over Cost Members Exposed Industry Greed at Anthem BCBS/Elevance, United Healthcare, and Aetna Corporate Offices WASHINGTON, D.C. – People’s…

People’s Action Rallies 1000 at America’s Health Insurance Plans to Demand Lobby Group Put Care Over Cost

People’s Action Members from Across the Country Exposed AHIP’s Profiteering for Corporate Health Insurers WASHINGTON, D.C. – People’s Actions’ Care Over…
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